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The Sugar House at the Robb Family Farm

The Sugar House at the Robb Family Farm


The Sugar House at the Robb Family Farm

827 Ames Hill Rd.
Brattleboro, VT 05301 | map | directions
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The Robb Farm was established in 1907 by Thomas and Christine Betterly, Hermon Robb's grandparents. The large barn was moved from Halifax in 1912 and the farm house was built in 1914, both are still in use. The farm is currently run by Charles Sr., Helen, Charles Jr., and Karen Robb.

On August 4, 2011 the 105-year-old Robb Family farm in West Brattleboro, VT ended its multi-generational dairy operation by milking their last Holstein. The family announced it was leaving the milking business to focus on their maple syrup products, but also a brand-new line of naturally grown meats on the farm. The Robb family has long recognized the value of eating naturally-grown and local foods. The Robb Family Farm now offers an assortment of beef products containing no preservatives, antibiotics or hormones.

At the Robb Family Farm we have made the commitment to raise and care for our animals and our land in order to provide the freshest and healthiest product to the families of our community.

Early each spring, just as the blush of new life begins to show in the Vermont countryside, sugaring time starts at the Robb farm. Charlie Jr. collects the sap and then the sap's slowly boiled down the traditional way, with a wood-fired arch. Our maple syrup is the perfect match for pancakes, waffles or ice cream. For the 2011 season, we issued a new logo, that was once Great Grandpa Betterley's label (circa 1890), for our syrup products. Designed in a vintage print style, the logo features two men gathering sap with traditional collecting buckets and a yoke carrier with a sugar house and maple orchard in the background.

The Robb Farm produces 100% pure & natural maple syrup with nothing added, free of contaminants - that means no formaldehyde, pesticides or chemicals. The Robb Family has been maple sugaring for generations, practicing sound woodland stewardship, taking great pride in the hard work required to bring you the very finest pure maple syrup. The sugarhouse is a special feature of this six generation farm. Built in February 1998, to replace the old 1920's sugarhouse that "gave up", it was decided to make it a little more accessible to the road. We are ramping up our operation from 2200 taps to 6,000 taps. We have also converted part of the old milk room into a kitchen where we make all of our value-added maple products such as maple candy, maple cream, granulated maple sugar and maple coated nuts.

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