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Operations Monitoring and Analytics

Operations Monitoring and Analytics


Operations Monitoring and Analytics

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OMA is a professional energy services company that specializes in providing modeling and simulation for the design and operation of buildings, data centers or industrial plants HVAC and energy systems. Our HVAC/Energy monitoring and analysis service enables companies, engineer, facilities, real estate, and sustainability managers to improve Operational efficiency with the ability to make data driven decisions.

Modeling and Simulation Service

We use DOE energy research and public domain software or develop custom energy models using MathCad (a general-purpose self-service mathematical modeling application). We provide simulation services that span the buildings lifecycle including energy model building and calibrating, recommending efficiency improvement, post improvement assessment & model recalibration. This cycle returns to the beginning when new building projects are added.

Operations Monitoring and Analytics Service

Most Facilities use there BMS system to obtain current conditions and status. Our service mines historical BMS data for trends, correlations, failures & degradation to enable more intelligent operation of Facilities.

This service starts by merging and blending data sources with Tableau (a self-service visualization tool). This means there is no need to build a data warehouse to store all the data from your different sources.  Visualization is used to discover the relationship and trends in the data. With this understanding, statistics and machine learning can be used to focus on diagnosing problems, planning capacity, predicting scenarios and maintenance, improving occupant comfort, and other performance improvement opportunities. Finally once Tableau Operational Dashboards have been developed and machine learning or simulation models are connected, the ongoing process of Operations Optimization begins.

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